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The quality of our products for 70 years is a reflection of the quality of the ingredients that go into their manufacture, as we are keen to use natural materials from natural butter and vanilla Natural and the use of the finest nuts, wheat and tuna fish in our products and completely away from the use of hydrogenated oils and harmful ingredients. as such The quality details extend to the way the products are packed, ensuring that they are kept fresh and tender or crunchy, depending on the type.

Therefore, the Meddah slogan has become a guarantee for safe and distinctive products, manufactured according to the highest European and international standards.


SERRA company is the international expansion of Saudi deep-rooted FMCG family business, founded in 1947 by Al-Maddah family, in Saudi Arabia. Al-Maddah Family has established their business through strategic partnerships with several factories in Poland and the Republic The Czech Republic. Today, SERRA carries out this legacy by expanding its manufacturers and distributors network around the world.